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About - על המלחין

Oded Assaf עודד אסף

Oded Assaf (born in Haifa, 1947) is a composer, a lecturer, and a writer. He studied in Tel Aviv University (political science), in the Jerusalem Academy of Music And Dance, and in Goldsmiths College (London). His music has been performed and recorded since the  1990's; most of it - solo pieces written for, and with,  specific performers : Astrit Balzan, Michal Tal, Shira Legman, Idit Shemer, Eyal Bat, Amit Dolberg, Ron Merhavi,  Ruben Seroussi, Assaf Shatil, and Teodora Stepancic (who performed a few of his piano pieces in Wandelweiser festivals). Assaf's chamber music has been performed by The 21th Century Ensemble and Musica Nova ensemble.


Articles by Oded Assaf , most of them dealing with new music, have been published in several Israeli newspapers and magazines since the late 1970's. Assaf has written two books  and a special article by him, dedicated to John Cage's legacy, is included in  'The Politics of Sound : On contemporary Art Music' , 2016 (see WRITINGS).


Oded Assaf  was a lecturer, until 2014/15, in Tel Aviv University and Levinsky College of Education.  

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